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101 Things in 1001 Days

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Start Date: July 1st, 2021

End Date: March 28, 2024

  1. Teach English/Spanish to kids abroad.

  2. Visit the café des deux moulins and live my Amélie's experience.

  3. Get a scholarship for Master's Program

  4. Work in my personal branding.

  5. Become an editor or producer at a national company. [x]

  6. Keep freelancing and cultivating my clients.

  7. Visit Hawai'i.

  8. Visit Paris.

  9. Visit Seattle, Washington.

  10. Visit Toronto.

  11. Visit San Francisco.

  12. Visit Chicago.

  13. Visit Sarah and JoJo in Ottawa.

  14. Visit Italy.

  15. Visit Japan.

  16. Visit Yucatan.

  17. Visit Bacalar.

  18. Go to a dance competition with Yamelle.

  19. Be part of a Heiva i Tahiti as a dancer.

  20. Join a Polynesian Dance Company and be part of shows.

  21. See Lady Gaga Live.

  22. Move to NYC for at least a year.

  23. Move to Washington, D.C. (x)

  24. Live/Work in another country/continent.

  25. Go to a outside cinema. [x]

  26. Record a video dancing in white sands.

  27. Have videos dancing in every city I visit. (X)

  28. See 2 Broadway musicals.

  29. Learn French.

  30. Learn Italian.

  31. Learn how to use public transportation PROPERLY. (x)

  32. Learn how to ride a bike. [x]

  33. Lift weights. (x)

  34. Get a good work-set up. [x]

  35. Take a Pole Dancing class.

  36. Take a Heels Dance class.

  37. Attend a New Year's Eve party à la Netflix rom-com movie.

  38. Try new things in restaurants I visit. (x)

  39. Try a different beverage every time I go to a bar. (x)

  40. See the Ball Drop in Times Square.

  41. Throw a big ass Birthday Party. [x]

  42. Pride in Montreal.

  43. Pride in Washington, D.C. [x]

  44. Pride in Madrid.

  45. Pride in NYC.

  46. Model for at least three indie brands.

  47. Visit 20 museums.

  48. Fall in love. (X)

  49. Enter a romantic relationship. (X)

  50. No hookups for three months. (X)

  51. No hookups for six months. (X)

  52. Go to a Bob the Drag Queen show.

  53. Go to a Sasha Velour show.

  54. Go to a Bianca del Rio show.

  55. Meet Ru Paul or Michelle Visage.

  56. Be a Diva Queen for a weekend.

  57. Save up to buy a rental property.

  58. Become a writer/editor at a publication.

  59. Work for myself.

  60. Start a bookstore/coffee shop.

  61. Improve my radio/podcast skills.

  62. Conduct research in maternal and sexual health.

  63. Play a role in a Gender Issues organization.

  64. Become a well-known writer in English and Español.

  65. Dress up like a whore on Halloween.

  66. Dress up ridiculously for Halloween.

  67. Dress up with someone else for Halloween.

  68. Have a dog.

  69. Get over my acrophobia.

  70. Go sky diving.

  71. Take a road trip across the U.S.

  72. Camp.

  73. Learn how to swim. [x]

  74. Get an instant polaroid. (X)

  75. ^ Have at least 10 photos with new people. (X)

  76. Take part in a boudoir photoshoot.

  77. Go to a music festival again.

  78. Write and publish a book about my adventures.

  79. Create my dance course.

  80. Paint again.

  81. Enhance my photography skills. [x]

  82. Buy two lenses.

  83. Get hired for a photoshoot. (X)

  84. Become a dance instructor. [x]

  85. Go to a fancy spa. [x]

  86. Stay at a fancy hotel. (X)

  87. Travel with someone else inside the U.S. (X)

  88. Travel with someone else outside the U.S.

  89. Get health insurance. (X)

  90. Get a 401k. (X)

  91. Start my own company/non-profit.

  92. Be part of the Colourpop Cosmetics PR list.

  93. Start designing my clothes again.

  94. Write a song.

  95. Stop eating papitas for 35 days. (X)

  96. Write five queer stories. [x]

  97. Produce a documentary on queer communities.

  98. Write a book.

  99. Go to the movies five times a week.

  100. Have a sustainable wardrobe.

  101. Take part in Fashion Week.

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